About Lord No0ne, Author & A Writer!

Lord No0ne!

About Lord No0ne!

Lord No0ne, A dedicated technical support for network and gaming company and an experienced gamer who wants to share his knowledge, expertise and express his thoughts about Technology, Home Networking, and gaming through article and content writing.
With his work experience in different lines of businesses, Lord No0ne’s proficiency also covers customer service and satisfaction and product marketing through internet that was proven by hundreds of his original and high quality articles that are free from plagiarism and grammatical imperfections. He also have the heart for the community and society. He is a dedicated advocate for humanity, its fairness & Equality. He strongly believes that everyone is born with equal rights despite of the race, sexual orientation and social status.
In case interested, you can leave Lord No0ne your email address and a short message and we can share thoughts and ideas.



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