This page talks about bullying in general. It could be the cause and effect, the origin of bullying and how to stop or prevent bullying.

List below are the different discussions about bullying.

Bullying, Cause and Effect!

Simple gesture of Bullying.

Bullying, Social Problem.

Almost everyone of us experienced this century old Social problem, Bullying. This is a behavior that can be associated with discrimination in one way or another. It is undeniable that every childhood encounter this unfortunate behavior which may change everyone’s life, if being misguided, both the bully and the bullied. This can happen anytime at school or at work. Bullying is a grievous act that is cause of using power, authority or strength through harassment against weaker fellas who doesn’t have the capability or the will to defend themselves and fight back.
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Life hacks – Defeat Bullying!

What is Bullying?

Bullying is indeed the rising crime our world is facing right now. It is a crime where few are being convicted but seriously destroying humanities but what can we do to stop it? Or perhaps defeat it?  Whether you are being bullied through your race, complexion, age or appearance you have the choice to fight it and if you choose to stand by what you believe bullies will never exists.

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The sad Truth Behind Bullying!

How Bullying affects one’s Perspective!

Victim of Bullying

The Feeling of Being Bullied!

Bullying doesn’t always come as what we expect them to be. Most of the time, we think that it is just merely for fun for both sides the bully and the victim. However, looking into the victims perspectives, it may appear as everything is perfect and everything is good but what we don’t know if that we see is the truth.

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