Social Issues

This page displays topics that are related to any known issues that are very visible in our daily life.

One good example are:

Discrimination & Compassion!

Common Societal problem, Discrimination and Compassion.

The society that we have is compose of diverse human population living with so many distinction from each other. The differences that divides every individual in human society is the boundary between social classes or even borderland among disability and races. Discrimination becomes severe each day, especially when lives of each individual improves. Everybody wants to be on top among others and failed to realize the true essence of humanity which is Equality. We can see other people showing mercy to other but without compassion. Greed lives amongst us. This drives everyone to ignore what others fill, and to satisfy oneself which leads to indirect or direct discrimination.

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Sinulog 2016


Sinulog celebrated though holy mass at the Basilica.

The blistering heat of the sun can’t stop devotees and party goers to participate and witness the grandest festival in the Philippnes. Sinulog is a religious and cultural celebration in honor o
f the child Jesus Christ, Señor Sto. Niño. It is a celebration in commemoration of the founding of Señor Sto. Niño.

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